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Duterte to establish middle east hospital for OFWs

President Rodrigo Duterte use of funds for expenditures for OFW hospital request by Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

The need hospital for OFW said President Duterte, whom he met during his visit to the Middle East during Holy Week as part of his state visit to the three Gulf states.

"The dire need for our country there is - well of course, you can not expect that everything is given free so much there to retire and wanted to return home or need medical attention.

So I said, they are asking is they need the hospital.

So I will - we will look for the money and I will ask their permission to establish even just a small, a general hospital to cater to all the health needs of our countrymen, "part of the statement of President Duterte in his arrival speech at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1, Pasay City yesterday.

According to the President, a small matter the request of the OFWs who wanted to provide fulfillment.

This is just a small thing for me.The OFW who send money to the philippines is to big.. it contributes to the gross national product.

And it has played a crucial part in the economy. It is important that we pay them little and if there goverment allowed us, we will build a hospital there. A lot of OFW wants to go home, "said the President.

He added that, "I said, I will help you as payment for what you did to my people.

I will not elaborate on it but that is how it is. Those who showed me to oblige. We especially Visayan, gratitude is gratitude. I will pay you too that you dont have to say anything

Although President Duterte deal with the Filipino community in the three visited countries in the Middle East, had still to face the nagsiuwing OFWs at NAIA.

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