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Top Places To Visit In The Philippines

The Philippines has three island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-distinct in their colors, taste, sound, smell, and offerings.

The Philippines is by itself a multi-city, multi-experience destination. And while it's really hard to pick the top places, here are some of the places tourists can take note of:


Davao is of course, on top of my list! Davao City specifically is clean, progressive, and modern. If one is searching for a city that capitalizes on the outdoors, one might just find Davao City a pleasant surprise as it boasts of island-to-highland adventures.


 Being the capital with arguably the widest range of attractions, from historical and cultural to urban lifestyle, Manila offers the best of both worlds.

 Cebu has some of the country's most iconic heritage spots. With its pulsating mix of urban vibes and casual provincial air, Cebu is a great destination for those seeking a showcase of the harmonious co-existence of history, culture, and modernity.


Because foreign guests would most likely look for a beach experience in a tropical country such as ours, I would include Asia's 24/7 party island, Boracay.


The other destination I would recommend is Palawan, known for its pristine mega diverse jewels. Dubbed as the last frontier, it offers a wide array of adventure, ecotourism, and marine-based activities. 


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