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1. CAPTURE THAT STUNNING REFLECTING SHOT OF ANGKOR WAT AT SUNRISE. Make sure you get to the pond area in front of the temple complex to get that iconic Angkor sunrise shot-it's worth forcing your way out of the big chunk of tourists surrounding the area.

2. GO TEMPLE-HOPPING. The most famous thing to do in Cambodia is to visit the temples. In Siem Reap, there are so many equally-beautiful temples to marvel at aside from Angkor Wat. If you're planning to visit all though, you can forget it-especially if you have only a few days to spare. There are over a thousand temples in Siem Reap alone that it will take forever for you to see them all.

 3. RIDE A TUKTUK. This is a famous local mode of transportation in some countries in Indochina, so if you're in Cambodia and you want to immerse, this is something you should experience at least once in your trip.

4. GO ON A RIVER TOUR and have some local booze and snacks while enjoying the scenery. We had a bartender preparing drinks for us in our canoe-making the mood a lot merrier during the tour.

5. STAY AT RAFFLES GRAND HOTEL D'ANGKOR. The grand and historic luxury hotel is one of the top 50 in Asia, so it's basically the perfect place to stay at when in Siem Reap. It also helps that it's just a five-minute drive to Angkor Wat.

6. SAMPLE SOME LOCAL FOOD. Cambodian cuisine, for me, is like a fusion of Filipino and Thai food. One of my favorite ones is the Sang Kya L'Peouv or pumpkin custard with coconut milk and sugar. It may look perculiar, but it looks so good! Another recommended Cambodian dish is the beef loklak, or tenderloin with oyster sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, black pepper, fried taro, ginger, and sweet potatoes. It tastes as if adobo and salpicao were mixed together. It's so tasty that it will make you consume so many cups of rice.

7. ENJOT THE NIGTH LIFE IN PUB STREET. After a long day of exploring temples and paying respects to the Hindu gods, it's nice to get a little energetic and lively with Pub Street's long list of bars serving affordable booze.

 8. WATCH THE PHARE COMBODIAN CIRCUS SHOW, and be amazed at how talented
Cambodian acrobats are.

 9. SHOP AT THE LOCAL OLD MARKETS. Aside from being cheaper than groceries and malls, the best way to get a glimpse of Cambodian culture, or any culture for that matter, is through the local markets.

 10. GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS. Whether you go to Siem Reap alone or with someone special, you'll never get lonely because the people here are among the friendliest and gentlest people you will ever meet.


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