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During my first visit to Thailand, Hua Hin was on the itinerary, and I've felt an affinity towards thedistrict, especially after my visit to the colorful night market, quirky CICADA Market, and the vintage village of Plearn Wan. 
This time around though, I was able to immerse myself into Hua Hin's natural beauty. 
Our first destination was Thum Kao Tao, a Chinese Buddhist Temple built on a hill overlooking the sea and the fishing village. 
 The temple itself is peppered with man-made sculptures based on Buddhist beliefs, and its secluded location adds to the still and soothing atmosphere. 
Climbing up the highest points of the temple rewarded us with an unobstructed view of the landscapes surrounding it, including Khao Tao beach.
 One of my favorite discoveries during this trip was Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, the largest winery in South East Asia. 
We kicked off our visit by having a hearty and scrumptious lunch at The Sala, the vineyard's wine bar and bistro. 
While filling our stomachs with good food, our eyes had a feast as well, as the vineyard views from The Sala were breathtaking. 
Later, we were able to tour the vineyard on board a jeep, and was treated to quick wine tasting before heading to our final destination for this trip-Bangkok. 

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