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For a Crazy Executive Lounge in Manila

 Sure, the hotel's lounges should radiate a luxurious atmosphere. After all, it's offered to only a few privileged guests to begin with.
The lounge is perhaps one of the preferred places to hold formal or casual meetings, as well as dine without the presence of a huge crowd-a reason why most of them are designed to be well-appointed.

 Manila Marriott Hotel, however, offers a lounge that's a bit closer to home.
While still luxurious in essence, its executive lounge looks like a vast laid-back living room-with TV and comfortable couches that easily make the guests feel at home.
Open from 6AM to 12MN daily, it offers different complimentary food and drinks selection depending on the time of the day.

Guests can have their pick of salads, cheeses, cold cuts, sushi's and maki's, broschetas, cakes, pastries, spicy nuts, crackers, entree meals, as well as coffee, tea, juices, and evening cocktails.
 All of these, topped with a hospitable staff showing fast and efficient service make the guests want to hang out there almost half their stay.

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