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Conor McGregor:I will destroy your face Floyd

MMA and Boxing is a whole different league!

 If Floyd will fight Conor in MMA, a big possibility Conor will starch Floyd and if Conor steps up in boxing, Floyd will dominate Conor. Second, Conor is smart, but Floyd is smarter and wiser (that's why he's undefeated) Conor said to an interview that he will take over the PPV numbers of PacMay, and Floyd is a bigger draw than him so it is likely Conor will step up to boxing and challenge Floyd.

 Third, Conor don't use too much jabs and he just always relies on his strong straight left hand and wait till he finds a clean landing. It's a cliche move and very predictable in boxing, it won't work against Floyd. Plus he'll look like a complete retard if he wears a much bigger gloves. Fourth, Floyd is much quicker, elusive and defensive fighter, he got all the tools to defeat possible opponents (his record says it all). Conor is not on Floyd's level, a top tier guys or even gatekeeper guys in boxing will smoke Conor. This will be a textbook finish for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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