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"Amanda Nunes destroys Ronda Rousey, retains belt"

 UFC 207 In just 48 seconds in the very 1st round, Amanda Nuñes made a quick work to annihilate Ronda Rousey with a volume of hard, stiff punches. Nuñes came up strong early to control the pace of the fight. Aggression, octagon control and his excellent striking skills made her out-classed a once called the most dangerous Unarmed woman in the world and onced who became a dominating female champ in UFC. 

Referee Herb Dean had seen too much beating on Ronda so he decided to stop the fight. Amanda Nuñes got the KO win and retains the UFC women's bantamweight belt. Ronda suffered her Second straight loss of her career. What should Ronda do next, is it time to hang it up or redeem herself?

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