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Money, effort, time and the future of the people involved in this matter are wasted due to the failure of the brains behind this supposed-to-be beneficial Home Office control plan laid for the immigration problem in UK. It was indeed a good plan, the implementation of the said project made good improvements but there is still more work to be done. I’ve always understood the duty of a landowner to keep his property safe from scavengers that may steal what his rich lands has to offer. 

Rules, borderlines and punishments should be implemented across the lands but, an intruder to one’s land may only be called a scavenger if the man’s intention is to create havoc for self-profit only, so the guidelines made should only apply to those people. I think, lawmakers should spare the immigrants that lived and worked in UK peacefully for some time now, and those family roots who served the country long enough even before today’s politicians got their first coat and tie from their parents. They have served the country well, the government profited from them and there is no question to the love and patriotism they gave and showed to the lands they not call as their own, but as their home. Immigration should be controlled I believe, so the UK government must have a clear plan on how to tackle this topic, but with the failure of the £347 million IT system to bring all the benefits it was supposed to, and the further £209 million spending on another IT system to be later billed as an improvement or a failure, it seems that the people in charge didn’t have the solution to resolve it.

 With the big amount of funds allocated for the said project, I think the immigration committee has the resources to train their personnel on how to work accurately and efficiently.  Factors that hamper the development of a big project may always occur at the beginning, but the personnel administration should do something fast to resolve those things so that it won’t cause a problem during the long run. Efforts made for improvement should be felt by now, but it seems that same problems which hampered development from the beginning of the project is still the cause for the failure to improve results and the slow advancement of the Immigration Committee’s performance. The efficiency of the process, capability of the staff to handle objectives given to them and the quality of data and systems used are very important for this plan to make a difference, yet those areas mentioned hinders the development which is the cause of a very weak management planning. I hope that the government of UK will soon achieve the value for money in its immigration work. Fast progress should be seen, good results and not promises should be heard and good use of the funds for advancement, not for their pockets to keep, should be done so that an honest man, labeled as an immigrant because of the physical differences he possess, but served the country well deserving enough for him to live in United Kingdom, than to those who act as parasites in their own motherland is given back what he is entitled to be, and that is to become a citizen to the country he loved.

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